E8 Elmwood Bus Route Detour until Further Notice
Effective immediately, due to construction work on Edwards Avenue at Jefferson Highway, the E8 Elmwood line is on detour until February 9, 2024 with one outbound missed stop: Edwards at Plauche Court.

Desvío de la ruta de autobús E8 Elmwood hasta nuevo aviso
Con efecto inmediato, debido a los trabajos de construcción en Edwards Avenue en Jefferson Highway, la línea E8 Elmwood está en desvío hasta el 9 de febrero de 2024 con una parada perdida de salida: Edwards en Plauche Court.

E1 Outbound Service Stop Temporarily Discontinued
Until further notice, due to construction work on Veterans Blvd, the E1-Veterans, outbound service stop ID#11053, on Veterans at Idaho has been temporarily discontinued. Passengers may board the bus at Veterans and Indiana, stop ID #11060 by Chick-fil-A.

La interrupción temporal del servicio saliente E1 se suspende temporalmente
Hasta nuevo aviso, debido a los trabajos de construcción en Veterans Blvd, la parada de servicio de salida E1-Veterans, ID # 11053, en Veterans at Idaho se ha descontinuado temporalmente. Los pasajeros pueden abordar el autobús en Veterans e Indiana, parada ID # 11060 por Chick-fil-A.

W8 Terrytown Detour – Beginning 11/27/23
Due to construction work on Hector Street, the W8 Terrytown line is on detour until the construction work has been completed with three (3) missed stops: Hector @ Wright, Hector @ Nel, Hector @ Whitney.

W8 Desvío de Terrytown – A partir del 27/11/2023
Debido a los trabajos de construcción en la calle Hector, la línea W8 Terrytown está en desvío hasta que se hayan completado los trabajos de construcción con tres (3) paradas perdidas: Hector @ Wright, Hector @ Nel, Hector @ Whitney.

Stop Temporarily Discontinued – Severn @ Johnson

Until further notice, due to construction work on Severn, the E5-Causeway outbound service stop ID#15007 on Severn @ Johnson has been temporarily discontinued. Passengers may board the bus on Metairie Road @ Athania, stop ID #15013.

Detener temporalmente descontinuado – Severn @ Johnson

Hasta nuevo aviso, debido a los trabajos de construcción en Severn, la parada de servicio de salida E5-Causeway ID # 15007 en Severn @ Johnson se ha descontinuado temporalmente. Los pasajeros pueden abordar el autobús en Metairie Road @ Athania, parada ID #15013.

E1 Veterans-Airport Detour
Until further notice, the E1-Veterans inbound service stop ID#11324 on Veterans at Carrollton has been temporarily relocated to Veterans at Papworth.

Desvío E1 Veteranos-Aeropuerto
Hasta nuevo aviso, la parada de servicio entrante E1-Veterans ID # 11324 en Veterans at Carrollton se ha reubicado temporalmente a Veterans at Papworth.

El autobús W2 Westbank Expressway y W3 Lapalco que viaja hacia Nueva Orleans ya no dará servicio a las siguientes paradas de autobús en Loyola Avenue: Loyola @ Howard (Parada n◦ 32014), Loyola @ Girod (Parada n◦ 32015), Loyola @ Poydras (Parada n◦ 32016), Loyola @ Perdido (Parada n◦ 32017) y Loyola @ Tulane (Parada n◦ 32018)

The INBOUND W2 Westbank Expressway and W3 Lapalco routes will no longer service the following stops on Loyola Av.: Loyola @ Howard (Stop ID 32014), Loyola @ Girod (Stop ID 32015), Loyola @ Poydras (Stop ID 32016), Loyola @ Perdido (Stop ID 32017) and Loyola @ Tulane (Stop ID 32018). See Newsroom page for more info on inbound W2 and W3 route changes.

How to Ride

If you’re not familiar with JP Transit, please take a quick look at our System Map. It’s a great overview of the area and will allow you see how our transit system can get you where you want to go.

Download and print a hard copy of our maps and schedules to get exact route and timetable information for each JP Transit route.

Use our Bus Tracker, either online, or you can download the app (iOS, Android) to track your bus up to the minute.

Please review our fares and passes.

For assistant call Rideline at: 504-248-3900

Farebox Operation 

Before you deposit your fare, please tell the driver the type of fare you would like, and if you will be using a “half-fare” card.

For your convenience, each farebox features:

  • Magnetic Fare Card Slot which accepts and processes fare cards, issues transfers, and provides change in the form of a change card that can be used for future fares.
  • Magnetic Stripe Swipe Slot which accepts monthly VIP passes.
  • Passenger Display which shows transaction and remaining balances or card value.
  • Bill Insertion Slot which accepts and counts bills.
  • Coin/Token Insertion Cup to accept and collect coins.
  • Coin/Token Return Cup for rejected coins

Mobility Devices and Accommodations 

JP Transit’s fixed-route and paratransit services are designed to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), including a reasonable modifications and accommodations request process. All vehicles are lift-equipped and will accommodate mobility devices, such as wheelchairs, scooters, and walkers, provided the devices fit within the ADA specified boarding envelope. This includes all 30” wide by 48” long mobility devices – (measured starting from two inches above the ground) that do not weigh more than 600 pounds when occupied. Larger devices may not qualify due to lift capacity and interior van configuration.

  • All drivers are trained to operate the lift and are required to secure you after boarding
  • Riders are required to use seat belts
  • All wheel chairs must be secured
  • Boarding while standing on the lift is allowed when requested by a rider
  • Operators can request that a rider transfer from a mobility device into a bus seat, but the passenger has the final decision as to whether a transfer is appropriate given the passenger’s particular disability
  • JP Transit is not responsible for any damage to mobility devices that occurs on JP Transit vehicles

Service Animals and Pets 

Service animals accompanying customers with disabilities are allowed on-board JP Transit vehicles. Persons with disabilities who use service animals may board with the service animal regardless of fare category. Operators may ask any passenger if their animal is a service animal and/or if the animal assists them with their disability, but may not require certification or identification for service animals. Passengers using service animals must keep their animals under control and the animal must not pose a threat to other passengers. Failure to do so may result in the passenger being asked to exit the bus.

If the animal is a pet but not a service animal, it must travel in a carrier and the cage or carrier must fit on the person’s lap.

Bikes on Buses 

All JP Transit buses have bike racks that hold up to two single-seat, two-wheeled, non-motorized bicycles. Regular fares apply for each passen­ger. Your bike rides FREE!

Using the rack is easy. As the bus approaches, have your bike ready to load. Never approach the bus from the street. Stay on the curb. Remove any items that could fall off, like a water bottle or pannier. Tell the bus op­erator that you are loading a bike. Squeeze the handle and pull down to release the folded bike rack. Place your bike in the trough furthest from the bus with the front tire facing the clamping arm, toward the street. If the outside trough is full, load your bike into the trough closest to the bus. In this position, the front tire will face the curb. Raise the clamping arm as far up on the wheel as you can. Before unloading, make sure to let the operator know you’ll be removing your bike. Lift up the clamping arm and remove your bike, folding up the rack if it’s empty.

Bus Stop Signs 

Regular bus stop signs are designated at each of the JP Transit bus stops in Jefferson Parish.
Every sign includes the following information:

JP Transit Signage

Lost and Found 

If you find an item on the bus, please give it to the operator.  All goods left on the bus are turned into either the Eastbank or Westbank Transit Facilities at the end of the day.  Please call 504-367-7433 for the possible recovery of lost items.

Plan Your Route

Get Transit Directions

Holiday Service

Saturday schedule is operated on the following holidays:


  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Mardi Gras Day
  • Good Friday
  • July 4th
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas


A separate schedule will be announced and used during carnival season (week preceding Mardi Gras day).

Routes without Saturday service do not operate on holidays.