E8 Elmwood Line Detour – 9/12/2023
Effective immediately, due to construction work on Edwards Avenue at Jefferson Highway, the E8 Elmwood line is on detour until October 10, 2023. The detour is as follows with one (1) missed stop: Edwards at Plauche Court.

Desvío de la línea E8 Elmwood – 9/12/2023
Con efecto inmediato, debido a los trabajos de construcción en Edwards Avenue en Jefferson Highway, la línea E8 Elmwood está en desvío hasta el 10 de octubre de 2023. El desvío es el siguiente con una (1) parada perdida: Edwards en Plauche Court.

Due to construction work on Glen Della Drive, the W1 Avondale line is on detour until the construction work has been completed. The detour is as follows with three (3) missed stop: Glen Della @ Chapel, Glen Della @ Dewberry, and Glen Della @ Deacon.

Debido a los trabajos de construcción en Glen Della Drive, la línea W1 Avondale está en desvío hasta que se hayan completado los trabajos de construcción. El desvío es el siguiente con tres (3) paradas perdidas: Glen Della @ Chapel, Glen Della @ Dewberry y Glen Della @ Deacon.

Effective 7/31/23 through 8/11/23, due to road closure on Elmwood Park Boulevard at Mounes Street, the W10 Huey P. Long bus traveling outbound and the E8 Elmwood bus traveling inbound are on the following detour: There will be no missed stops.

A partir del 7/31/23 al 8/11/23, debido al cierre de la carretera en Elmwood Park Boulevard en Mounes Street, el autobús W10 Huey P. Long que viaja de ida y el autobús E8 Elmwood que viaja de llegada se encuentran en el siguiente desvío: No habrá paradas perdidas.

El autobús W2 Westbank Expressway y W3 Lapalco que viaja hacia Nueva Orleans ya no dará servicio a las siguientes paradas de autobús en Loyola Avenue: Loyola @ Howard (Parada n◦ 32014), Loyola @ Girod (Parada n◦ 32015), Loyola @ Poydras (Parada n◦ 32016), Loyola @ Perdido (Parada n◦ 32017) y Loyola @ Tulane (Parada n◦ 32018)

The INBOUND W2 Westbank Expressway and W3 Lapalco routes will no longer service the following stops on Loyola Av.: Loyola @ Howard (Stop ID 32014), Loyola @ Girod (Stop ID 32015), Loyola @ Poydras (Stop ID 32016), Loyola @ Perdido (Stop ID 32017) and Loyola @ Tulane (Stop ID 32018). See Newsroom page for more info on inbound W2 and W3 route changes.

E8 Elmwood Detour and Stop Closure (E8 Elmwood Desvío y Cierre de la Parada de Autobús)
Citrus & Kuebel stop (#18131) on the E8 Elmwood route is temporarily closed due to construction. Please proceed to Edward & Crawford stop (#18137) for the next stop pick-up. La parada Citrus & Kuebel (#18131) en la ruta E8 Elmwood está temporalmente cerrada debido a la construcción. Diríjase a Edward & Crawford (#18137) para la próxima parada de recogida.

Discontinued Stop Alert (Alerta de Parada Descontinuada) – E3 Jefferson Highway
JP Transit has discontinued service for one bus stop along the outbound E3 route, located on Jefferson Hwy. at Julius Ave. (Stop ID: 13319). JP Transit ha descontinuado el servicio para una parada de autobús a lo largo de la ruta de salida E3, ubicada en Jefferson Hwy. en Julius Ave.



How do I get from the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport to the city of New Orleans?

JP Transit’s E1 Veterans-Airport route connects the airport in Jefferson Parish to the city of New Orleans.

How many suitcases can I take on the bus and is there a luggage compartment on the bus?

We have a 2 bag limit and no luggage compartment. We ask that you board, pay your fare, then walk with your suitcase to the back of the bus, and place the bag under the seat, or under your legs.

Can I park at Wilty Terminal in Gretna?

The parking at Wilty Terminal is free 24/7.

Do buses stop only at the stops listed on the schedules?

No, buses generally stop every 2 blocks within Jefferson Parish. Look for the JP Transit bus stop signs for designated locations.

What about bus stops in New Orleans? Do JP Transit buses that enter New Orleans stop every 2 blocks also?

JP Transit buses from the Westbank make a loop in downtown New Orleans. These buses stop about every 2 blocks. Look for “mini” JP Transit bus stop signs for locations.

The E2 Airline bus, which travels along Tulane Avenue to Loyola Avenue picks up and drops off passengers at all regular bus stops along its route on Tulane Avenue.

The E3 Kenner Local bus, which travels along Claiborne Avenue to Carrollton, will let passengers off along Claiborne Avenue when traveling inbound but will not pick up any passengers. When it is traveling back toward Jefferson Parish, riders traveling into Jefferson Parish can board at any regular bus stop on Claiborne Avenue.

Are all JP Transit buses equipped with lifts for wheelchair access?

Yes, all JP Transit buses are lift-equipped buses that comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These buses also use the Talking Bus system to announce major bus stops and transfer points along each route.

Do the buses operate on holidays?

Buses follow their Saturday schedule on holidays. Buses that do not provide Saturday service do not provide service on holidays. Please check the individual route schedules for details.

Our History 

Organized passenger transportation service in Jefferson Parish commenced in the 1930s and was privately owned and operated.  Fifty years later, Jefferson Parish Government assumed ownership and established the government owned and operated transit function.  In 1989, Jefferson Parish voters approved for ten years an annual 2-mil property tax to support fixed-route transit services and 1-mil property tax to support paratransit services for elderly and disabled citizens.  These 10-year millage assessments were renewed at the same rate in 1999 and again in 2009.

In 1990, the Jefferson Parish Department of Transit Administration was created and took responsibility for overseeing the private management companies contracted to operate the Jefferson Parish Transit system.  Until 2006, Jefferson Parish contracted fixed-route operations of Eastbank public transit and Westbank public transit under two separate management companies, with a third company managing the parishwide paratransit system.  As the cost to operate the transit system rose significantly following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Jefferson Parish sought to better control costs by consolidating all transit operations under a single contract.  Starting in 2006, all fixed-route operations were solely managed by Veolia Transportation, Inc., and in 2008, Veolia took on the paratransit operations as well.

Throughout the 1990s and until 2005 when Hurricane Katrina disrupted public transit service throughout the region, Jefferson Parish Transit transported an average of 4 million riders annually.  Following Hurricane Katrina, transit operations were scaled back to meet budgetary constraints and a reduced demand for service.  Since ridership in Jefferson Parish is tied significantly to the ridership experienced by the New Orleans transit system, Jefferson’s rebound to its pre-Katrina level remains in process.


Current JP Transit system map

The Future of JP Transit 

New Links 

New Links is a yearlong project to study and propose a network redesign of public transportation in Orleans, Jefferson, and St. Bernard Parishes. The project is a partnership between the Regional Transit Authority (RTA) and Regional Planning Commission (RPC), in collaboration with JP Transit and St. Bernard Urban Rapid Transit (SBURT).

To give feedback or suggestions, email info@newlinksnola.com.

JP Transit Strategic Plan: A Vision for Jefferson Parish Transit 

The 2019 JP Transit Strategic Plan was designed to provide a vision for Jefferson ParishTransit over the next 20 years and a plan for how to achieve that vision.

Title VI Compliance

Jefferson Parish Transit does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, disability, or age.

To request additional information on JP Transit’s nondiscrimination policies or to file a complaint, see information below or contact the General Manager of Jefferson Parish Transit at (504) 818-1077.

More info on Title VI

Title VI Complaint Procedure

Title VI Complaint Form

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program

DBEs are for-profit small business concerns where socially and economically disadvantaged individuals own at least a 51% interest and also control management and daily business operations.

When choosing vendors and suppliers to work with us, JP Transit participates in a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program to help level the playing field.

More info on DBE participation

Revised 2020-22 DBE Participation Goal & Methodology

DBE Participation Goal 2020-22

DBE Participation Goal Public Notice

Transit Industry Recognition

In the May/June 2007 issue of Busline Magazine, Jefferson Transit was recognized for its actions before Hurricane Katrina struck in helping to ferry people out of harm’s way, and for revitalizing the public transit system in the hurricane’s aftermath.  In 2010, Jefferson Transit received recognition from the Southeast Louisiana Clean Fuel Partnership for being a “clean fleet leader that has taken strides to reduce regional dependence on foreign oil by replacing the equivalent of 11,520 gallons of gas with a cleaner fuel to power their transportation fleet.”  The Partnership also distinguishes Jefferson Transit for being the first mass transit fleet in the region to use biodiesel, which fuels the entire fixed-route bus fleet.  Biodiesel is a domestic, renewable fuel for diesel engines derived from natural oils (like soybean oil) which can be an added to or entirely replace conventional petroleum diesel fuel.


Grants/Capital Projects 

JP Transit Awarded $6.88 Million in Competitive Grant Funding

The US Department of Transportation, in conjunction with the Federal Transit Administration, will award $6.88 million in funding to Jefferson Parish through the Buses and Bus Facilities Competitive Programs.

JP Transit was the only agency in the State of Louisiana to receive Buses and Bus Facilities Competitive grant funding in FY22. The Low or No Emission Grant Program funding will allow JP Transit to introduce low-emission vehicles to the fixed-route fleet, in support the transition of the nation’s transit fleet to the lowest polluting and most energy efficient transit vehicles. The Bus and Bus Facilities Program funding will also be used to carry out renovation of the Eastbank Transit Facilities.

Upcoming JP Transit Capital Projects

We invite businesses and vendors to visit the Jefferson Parish Purchasing Department website, where interested parties can register for free to view Parish contracting opportunities. See current bid announcements and RFP announcements to learn more about open Transit Department solicitations.


JP Transit strives to make your experience on our transit system as safe and secure as possible. In 2008 JP Transit began its quarterly Public Education Campaigns.  These campaigns are trilingual (English/Spanish/Vietnamese) and focus on messages that make the public more aware of security issues, increase their emergency awareness, and teach them how to respond in the event of a problem.

Jefferson Transit releases these campaigns through:

  • Website Messages
  • Vehicle Posters
  • Kiosk Posters
  • Vehicle Voice Annunciator Messages
  • Transit Security Outreach Days
  • Transit Security Presentations

Look for our latest campaign while riding the bus or check it out here!

Terminal Security Features

Jefferson Transit strives to make its terminals and buses safe and secure for riders.

All buses are equipped with security cameras as well as many other features to help ensure rider security and safety.  For more information on vehicle security features click here.


At the terminals JP Transit:

  • Has installed security cameras throughout the terminal.
  • Has added street lighting in areas around the terminal building, kiosk area, bus bays, passenger waiting areas, and public parking areas.
  • Locks the gated kiosk and shelter area when not in use.

In addition to steps already taken, JP Transit plans to:

  • Increase the number of cameras at all terminals
  • Install additional lighting at the Walkertown Terminal
  • Increase the security training for employees
  • Continue the Transit Security Public Education Campaign

The Wilty Terminal has regularly scheduled details by the Gretna Police Department, and Jefferson Parish has secured the presence of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Department for the Walkertown Terminal.


Bus/Shelter Requests 

Individuals with Disabilities:
Any individual who would like to submit a request regarding the accessibility of Jefferson Parish Bus Stops, please call (504) 367-7433 or email us at jefftransitinfo@solutient.com. JP Transit will attempt to review, investigate, and respond within 30 days of receipt of all requests.

Plan Your Route

Get Transit Directions

Holiday Service

Saturday schedule is operated on the following holidays:


  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Mardi Gras Day
  • Good Friday
  • July 4th
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas


A separate schedule will be announced and used during carnival season (week preceding Mardi Gras day).

Routes without Saturday service do not operate on holidays.